Simone Brogini is an Architect and a Photographer native of Firenze Italy, where he lived for 30 years. Simone attended the University of Florence earning a Master in Architecture. Photography has been his primary hobby since his twelfth birthday, when his father gave him his first Nikon EM. Simone has been living in the United States of America since 2001 where he works as an Architect, and without giving up the desire of taking photos, transforming a simple hobby to a profession and a true passion.
As an architect, Simone’s work tends to focus on interior and exterior representation of buildings, cityscapes, and any structures built by mankind. Simone’s passion for traveling has allowed him to build a travel portfolio that includes cityscapes, landscapes, wildlife and people.
Portraiture photography and working with natural and artificial lights, is another aspect of his profession as a photographer. Simone is available to work with you on producing professional corporate or family photographs, for your company or family.
Simone Brogini Photography is based in Arlington, MA and would be his pleasure to have an opportunity to work with you on a project or a location for a corporate or family photography session. If you have any questions, or want more information on schedule, availability and prices, please do not hesitate to contact Simone at [email protected].
Feel free to browse Simone’s galleries hoping you will enjoy them! Most of the photos in the galleries are available for sale in print form. Prices vary based on size and support. You can also follow Simone on his Blog, Facebook, Flickr, Google+ and Linkedin.